Kids@First News

Back-to-School Prayer

By Lesley Andrews | August 6, 2021

God our teacher, who helps us to understand the world around us, thank you for the privilege of education. In a year of turmoil, disruption, and loss, we recognize the gift of learning and the gift of teaching in ways we may not have appreciated before. You have blessed our communities with teachers who take…

Children’s Activities – March 21st

By Lesley Andrews | March 21, 2021

Kid’s Sunday School – March 14, 2020

By Lesley Andrews | March 14, 2021

Youth News

Youth Resources on Racison #1

By Brandon Bates | June 8, 2020

Parents, Here are some video resources for learning about ‘The Talk’ that happens in many Black families with some follow up questions. Other resources are available at the bottom and I’ll be sending more out in a few days. 2015- 2017- (longest and more in depth. about 24 mins) May 28, 2020- Discussion and Reflection…

Re-Register your Kroger card

By Brandon Bates | June 1, 2020

Register (or re-register) your Kroger card with FUMC LR YOUth. Kroger will donate a portion of your purchase to us at no cost to you. We receive no information on you or your purchases. This has to be redone once a year, so please double check you card if you’ve done this before.If you need assistance registering, please email…