Back-to-School Prayer

God our teacher, who helps us to understand the world around us, thank you for the privilege of education. In a year of turmoil, disruption, and loss, we recognize the gift of learning and the gift of teaching in ways we may not have appreciated before. You have blessed our communities with teachers who take new skills and concepts and pass them along to each new class of young people. 

God who came as a child to show us how to be fully human, to show us how to be children of God, You have given our children minds that grow and develop in unique ways, at unique speeds, and we are astounded by that miracle. You speak to us through the words, actions, play, and feelings of children. You call us to listen to the Spirit speaking through these children. 

We celebrate the beginning of this school year and ask for your blessings upon the children, the educators, and the families who support them. But in this celebration of education and learning, we do not forget there are children and families and teachers who do not have the resources they need. When systems are unjust, the outcomes are unacceptable. In the coming days before school starts, we remember those who are beginning school this year: those who have what they need to learn and grow in safety, and those who lack supplies, teachers, safe buildings, and accommodations for all needs and abilities. We lift up our children and all those who care for and teach them. Open our hearts today as we pray over the preparations for another school year. Amen

Lesley Andrews

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