Youth Resources on Racison #1


Here are some video resources for learning about ‘The Talk’ that happens in many Black families with some follow up questions. Other resources are available at the bottom and I’ll be sending more out in a few days.



(longest and more in depth. about 24 mins)

May 28, 2020-

Discussion and Reflection Questions

For Parents:

Have you ever had any conversations like these with your kids and how they are viewed by others and people in authority? Why or why not?

For everyone:

Were you aware that conversations like this happen in many Black families?

Why do you think these conversations happen?

Was there new information you heard or something you’d never thought of before?

How would you feel as a parent (or for the youth, if you were a parent) to need to have such a conversation?

How do you think you would you feel being a child or youth and hearing this being told to you?

What can you do with this new perspective?

Other Resources:

This is a discussion guide for the book ‘I’m Still Here’ by Austin Channing Brown. Some of the questions can stand alone without the book. 

Race/I’m Still Here Discussion

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