Kids@First News

God-Lessons for Kids

By Lesley Andrews | January 14, 2022

You don’t have to come to church to learn about God! Each Saturday Rev. Brittany will be emailing out a video lesson for kiddos and their families to be used on Sundays or any time throughout the week. These videos will be a fun and simple way to get your family talking about who God…

Back-to-School Prayer

By Lesley Andrews | August 6, 2021

God our teacher, who helps us to understand the world around us, thank you for the privilege of education. In a year of turmoil, disruption, and loss, we recognize the gift of learning and the gift of teaching in ways we may not have appreciated before. You have blessed our communities with teachers who take…

Children’s Activities – March 21st

By Lesley Andrews | March 21, 2021

Youth News

Youth Resources on Racism #3

By Brandon Bates | July 27, 2020

VIDEO: White privilege: does it exist? 0:00-4:12 (This is a clip from Canadian television shortly after the killing of Eric Garner in NYC ASK: 1. Who do you identify with in the video? Why? 2.Which statements or questions made you think? Why? [When we talk about the systems that reinforce racism, we cannot forget…

Youth – July 26

By Brandon Bates | July 20, 2020

July 26- Youth @ Home (will be sent that afternoon)Aug. 2- YOUth Zoom Check-in, Conversation, and competition. 7pmAug. 9- YOUth Zoom Check-in, Conversation, and competition

Youth Resources on Racism #2

By Brandon Bates | June 15, 2020

Parents, here are some more resources for conversations around racism and systems. There’s a plenty of options to choose from if you want to only use a few bits, or break it up. Conversations around this topic can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable sometimes. Yet, that is why we should lean in. If you have ever…