Youth Netflix Watch Party

This Sunday night we are going to have a First Youth Netflix Watch Party @ 8pm to watch Space Jam, which some of you have recommended and I have actually never seen.

This is an extension where we can all watch the movie at the same time plus there’s a chat option available. Here’s what you need:

Have access to a Netflix account on a computer. Be sure to have the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

Here’s what you need to do to join the Netflix Party:
1. Go to and click “Get Netflix Party for Free!”
2. Once Downloaded you should see a gray ‘NP’ button to the right of your search bar.
3. I’ll email and text a link at 7:55, and you can click the link or copy/paste it in your search bar and hit ‘enter’
4. The NP that was gray should now be red. Click on it and you should be accessing the movie simultaneously with everyone else

Brandon Bates

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