Letter from David – March 26

Dear First Church,

We continue to live in this scary and uncertain time. There are stories of suffering all around. I hope you are joining me to “pray without ceasing” for our world, our community, our neighbors, and our families.  

Even still there are also signs of life and beauty emerging from our church. We’re hearing stories like one church member hand making making masks and delivering to another church member who works as a nurse. There are stories of people showing up to make sandwiches for Stewpot to serve the most vulnerable in our community. Sunday school classes and Bible studies are gathering online. Lower risk members of our church are pairing up with higher risk members to make sure they have what they need or just call to break the isolation. Our Brick and Mortar theme for 2020 is about living our faith out in our everyday ordinary lives. Nothing is ordinary anymore, but you all are living your faith every moment of every day.  

As you may have suspected, we will continue to worship online only each Sunday. Bishop Mueller has prudently given the directive that no in-person activities should be conducted inside or outside churches through the end of April. This obviously includes Easter. I’m still reeling from the idea that this highest holy day will be done through the mystery of cyber space. Yet, my theology is grounded in the fact that the resurrection happens every day. As different as our worship experience may be on April 12th, God’s victory over death will be no less magnificent. And we are planning a service that will reflect it.  

I am grateful for all of you who are seeking out these new ways for us to “be” and “do” church. Our staff and leaders are finding innovative ways to keep you connected and being good neighbors. We are planning everything from online Pilates classes to prayer meetings. Check out all the opportunities listed in this newsletter. I’ll “see” you Sunday.  

Gratefully, David

David Freeman

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  1. Darlene J Kurtz on March 30, 2020 at 6:24 pm

    I’m very appreciative of your efforts to reach us through technology, and I am equally grateful to Brittany, Haley and Donna … Kyle, James, Christin and Tammy as well. I find the Sunday services and weekday lessons done at respective homes have been so well done, and each message and lesson comes through clearly, spiritually to me.
    I pray you, your family and all of FUMC staff members will remain well.
    Darlene Kurtz

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