Lil’ Rock n’ Roll Washa mobile laundry unit for the unsheltered

We have some exciting news to share about our next step in community ministries. Many of our unhoused neighbors who visit the Community Cafe have asked, “Do you know of a place where I can wash my clothes?” The question has come up so much that we want to be responsive to the needs of our friends! We have decided to open our very own mobile washing van that is run by FUMCLR volunteers and provides the human dignity of clean clothes. Our building services team will “outfit” a van we already own into a clothes washing van. The estimated cost of the project is $25,000 for the van transformation and start up costs. We have already raised $600 for the endeavor through donations, and we are seeking corporate sponsorships to help with the build. If you would like to donate to the project by sponsoring an Easter Lily, please send a designated donation into the Church.

Lesley Andrews

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