Both/And Worship Series – Starting September 8th

We live in an either/or world. We are told there are dog people or cat people. There are Democrats or Republicans. You’re either a morning person or a night person. People are either deeply religious or atheists. But we don’t always fall on one side or the other. Sometimes we’re both.

There is a greater depth of our spiritual life when we embrace the tension between two seemingly opposite ideas. And we find a greater understanding of the Holy One that is both fully human and fully divine. Methodism began as a movement of both/and as John Wesley sought a balance between personal and social holiness. This series will unravel the false dichotomies of our either/or world and reclaim our roots as both/and people.

September 8: Both Progressive and Evangelical
September 15: Both Saved and Unsaved
September 22: Both Teacher and Student
September 29: Both Scientific and Religious
October 6: Both Introverted and Extroverted
October 12: Both Right and Wrong

Lesley Andrews

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