Moving from Surviving to Thriving, May 1 – June 5

“Faith gives people language and stories with which to draw meaning from their experiences, to see their lives as part of a larger narrative of wholeness and healing.”

–Racheal Held Evans, Wholehearted Faith

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic sent us all into survival mode. We had to do whatever it took to stay healthy, acquire resources, and protect loved ones. The chronic stress has depleted us physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. After 2+ years, in many ways, we are still in survival mode. Everyone is experiencing some level of trauma, grief, and exhaustion. We’re all in need of healing. How can we move from surviving to thriving?

Thriving requires physical, emotional, relational, and ultimately spiritual health. If we are going to move from surviving to thriving, we must experience healing in all aspects of our lives. As people of faith, we seek the healing and restoration found in God’s grace. By healing, we aren’t talking about charlatan faith healers. We are talking about the faith practices that restore our bodies, minds, souls, and communities.

If you are someone who is seeking this kind of healing and restoration, join us for a 6 part series of moving from surviving to thriving. Each week, through stories of healing in the Bible, we’ll explore a different practice of faith that will help us move toward thriving; practices like connection and belonging, gratitude, holy rest, empathy, and hope.

May 1, Luke 8: 40-48,
Isolation to Connection and Belonging

May 8, Luke 10: 38-42
Over Extended Lives and Exhaustion to Holy Rest

May 15, Luke 17: 11-19
Anxiety to Gratitude

May 22, Matthew 14:13-21
Scarcity to Generosity

June 5 PENTECOST, Acts 3: 1-10
Despair to Hope

Lesley Andrews

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