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Central Arkansas Pride Fest

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Oct 21, 2023


12:00 pm


Many Sundays, we say together our church’s Welcome Statement. It starts, “You are a child of God, created in the Divine Image…” This is a powerful proclamation for anyone who hears it. In the last several years since we wrote this statement, we’ve had many guests and new members come to our church because, in this, they heard something they hadn’t at some other churches–a message of inclusion, love, and belonging.

Yet, our Welcome Statement must be more than words on a page or just something we say. We must live it out by creating spaces of love and belonging in the world. One of the ways we are trying to do that is by participating in Central Arkansas Pride Fest. Our church is marching in the parade and sponsoring a booth for the attendees. A church sharing our message that all people are children of God created in the Divine Image at Pride Fest is an important proclamation of God’s love to a community of people who often hear the opposite. Being at Pride Fest, is the Ministry of Showing Up.

The more people we have participating, the bolder that proclamation. Just showing up to walk in the parade is an act of ministry, so we need you. Sign up here to let us know you’ll be there: https://fumclr.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/71/responses/new.

Your church needs you to show up. Central Arkansas needs you to show up. Christ needs you to show up.

For the parade – gather at Dickie Stephens parking lot at11:30 am.